Liberty Parade

The heart creates the beat

This is the biggest dance event in Romania. It is the place where everybody breaths on the same rhythm: music!

It is just one big pure expression of the free spirit: totally out of box costumes, crazy haircuts and flashy make-ups and famous dj to keep the spirits up.

Each year more people come around, thousands of them, gathering around the caravans which march from the resorts of Romanian seaside, in a friendly and fun marching! The parade reaches the beach between Venus and Saturn resorts, where the music sounds fore more than 12 hours in a perfect sound, accompanied by
The entrance inside the arena is free of charge and only major person are allowed.

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Opening time

21 July - 21 July

How to get to "Liberty Parade" in Saturn

Maxi-taxi:Metropolitan SRL
Constanta – Mangalia
Constanta – Lazu – Agigea – Eforie Nord – Eforie Sud – Tuzla – 23 August – Mangalia

Simpa Trans SRL
Constanta – Mangalia
Constanta – Lazu – Agigea – Eforie Nord – Eforie Sud – Tuzla – 23 August – Mangalia

Note: See the public transport page for more informations.

How to get to "Saturn"

How to get by car


The car is the most convenient and inexpensive alternative to get to Constanta. The distance between Bucharest - Constanta is 225 km and can be made in 2 hours and 30 minutes. The time increases considerably during the summer months, when roads are crowded with those who want to sunbathe on the Romanian coast. The most popular route is Sun Highway: Bucharest - Fundulea - Lehliu - Drajna - Fetesti - Cernavoda - Constanta.

How to get by train


At the railway station from Constanta arrive trains from the most important cities of the country: Bucharest, Suceava, Iasi, Buzau, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, etc. Trains of different categories leave from Bucharest and the minimum duration of the trip is of 4 hours. Ticket price starts from 30 lei.

How to get by plane


Constanta has two airports: The International Airport Mihail Kogalniceanu and the Tuzla Airfield. In Constanta arrive flights from Bucharest, Timisoara, Milano, Pisa, Brussels, Nuremberg, Wien.

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