Bank/Exchange offices

You should have in mind the fact that the transaction monetary unit in Romania is the “Romanian leu”:

You can exchange at any bank office. There are many banks in Constanta County and their opening hours are from 9:00am-17:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Few of them are opened during week-ends. You can also use the ATMs from the streets, of course.
Most of the banks have Western Union and Money Gram offices.

You can buy Romanian lei also from the exchange offices. Here are some of the exchange offices from Contanta County:
Exchange Offices

  • Balcan Exchange Office S.R.L
    Address: Ratiu Ion St no. 50,Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.694.744
  • Smith & Smith
    Address: 1 Decembrie 1918 Boulevard no. 5, entrance F16, Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.552.996
  • Adriatica & Company S.R.L.
    Address: Porumbescu Ciprian St. no. 60, Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.550.310
  • Proaxa Exchange S.R.L.
    Address: Soveja St. no. 64 entrance 04 ground floor, Constanta
    Phone Number: 0241.514.550
  • Semero Exchange S.R.L.
    Address: Duca I. G. Boulevard no. 11A, Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.520.900
  • * Hans Exchange Office*
    Address:Stefan cel Mare St. no. 89, Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.664.267
  • King
    Address: Bd. Tomis Nr.271, Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.656406
  • Metropol CS
    Address: Str. Amzacea Nr.11,Constanta
    Phone number: 0241.616.360
  • Transdanubius
    Address: Republicii Boulevard No.36, Constanta
    Phone Number: 0241.619.481
  • M&S Exchange Office
    Address: Stefan cel Mare St no. 1, Mangalia
    Phone Number: 0722.238.775
  • OK Exchange house S.R.L
    Address: Rozelor St. no 17, entrance R8, ground floor, apartment 1, Mangalia
    Phone number: 0241.755.373
  • C.E.C. Bank- Eforie Nord branch
    Address: Republicii St. no. 7, Eforie Nord
    Phone number: 0241.741.034
  • C.E.C. Bank – Murfatlar branch
    Address: Dobrogei St. no. 1, Murfatlar
    Phone number: 0241.234.053