Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a natural reserve known worldwide for its beautiful landscape. In Romania it is an important tourist attraction. It has has numerous areas that were declared natural reservations and included in the United Nations’ list of natural monuments. The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is a labyrinth of water and land, made up of countless lakes, channels and islands.

The area is particularly well known for the abundance of fish and birdlife: about 90 fish species (such as sturgeons, sheat fish, carps, herrings, pikes) are fond here and 312 important bird species are present in the Delta.

Swamps are home to large numbers of herons, egrets, ducks, geese and other birds of the prairie as finches, woodpeckers, Grey Shrike, owls and various songbirds.It is also one of the last refuges for the European mink, the wildcat, the freshwater otter and the globally threatened monk seal.

The area has been also studied by the famous French scientist Jacques Cousteau

The Danube Delta represents the area with the lowest elevation of the country. It is a plain formed by alluviation. Dryland represents only 13% as most of the delta is covered with marshes and lakes.

Danube covers in Romania a distance of approximately 1,000 km, being favorable to navigation everywhere on its stream, and has as its tributary streams through Tisza River, all Romanian rivers.The rivers which are discharged here go through the three channels of the Danube into the Black Sea, forming the country’s river network and facilitates access to the Planetary Ocean.

It is the largest delta in Europe as well as the longest wetland in the the world with an extensive water maze. The best season to visit the Danube Delta is in May, when a number of migratory birds return here, the weather is very pleasant and flowers are abundant, but you can visit also during the summer, when it is very hot, and winter, especially for birds’ study lovers.

Danube splits in two parts in the West of Tulcea, and the Southern channel splits once again at East forming thus the three main channels of the Danube: Chilia which forms the border with Ukraine in the North, Sulina – the central channel- which goes East to town with the same name and Sfantu Gheorghe channel in the most Southern part, the last two channels having a rich tourism potential.

Despite the fact that Sulina arm is largely artificial, increased in the 1870s in order to facilitate access to countries from Central Europe to the Black Sea, it gets heavy traffic, many visitors arriving here accommodate in Crisan, Maliuc villages, or in Sulina town.

Letea Forest, located between Chilia and Sulina channels, it is recognized as a natural reserve. In the depressions between the dunes grows woody vegetation consisting of many species of trees. The uniqueness of the forest it is also given by the numerous number of climbing plants. Here have found shelter thousands of species of vertebrates and invertebrates, many of them are unique species at national, European and world level.

Sfantu Gheorghe- – the most tortuous arm of the delta, it is also the quietest of the three arms, with some straight portions channeled. The fishing village, with the same name, is a beautiful and remote place despite the fact that many visitors, especially from Bucharest, buy holiday houses in this area.

The main attraction in Sulina is the old lighthouse from city centre, which dates from 1802 and measures about 50 meters.The lighthouse is opened to the public from Monday to Friday between 14:00-18:00 (entrance fee).

Sfantu Gheorghe is an attractive place with a fine beach which offers great conditions for studying of the various species of birds, becoming the most sought place for accommodation in Delta, once known for the production of caviar.

Near Maliuc village, it is located Hotel GGGociman, a floating hotel, used by tourists and which can be reached from Furtuna Lake, famous for the birds found there. Further away on Sulina channel you can reach Crisan village, which offers accommodation in hostels and in a hotel.

Hotel Delta 4

Located on Danube’s shore, in the centre of Tulcea town, Hotel Delta 4, has a modern pool and rooms with view to the port. The restaurant serves an international menu with coarse fish and the bar is famous for its quiet atmosphere being a great place where you can relax while serving your favorite cocktail.