Official holidays

Before you start planning your visit to Constanta, Romania, find out when civil servants do not work.

From the 11 legal holidays provided by the Labour Code, in 2012, only 7 will be days off, while 4 of them will fall on Saturday or Sunday.

h3. The public holidays are:

- 1st and 2nd of January;

- First and second day of Easter;

- 1st of May;

- First and second day of Pentecost;

- The Assumption Day (15th of August);
- 1st of December;

- First and second day of Christmas;

- two days for each of the three annual religious holidays, declared as such by legally recognized religions, other than Christian, for persons belonging to them.

As 1st of January, the first day of Easter and the Pentecost day fal on Sundays, and 1st of December, the National Day falls on Saturday, those who are working will have, except for the weekends, only seven days off.

Enjoy your staying in Constanta!