2 Mai

About 2 Mai

2 Mai village is located between Vama Veche (6 km) on the south and the city of Mangalia (5 km) on the north. The village can only be reached by road, the last train station on the coast being at Mangalia. From Mangalia you can take the bus that arrives in 2 Mai in maximum 7 minutes. During summer these buses travel also at night, at intervals of approximately 15 min.
A quiet place a few years ago, 2 Mai has recently turned into a crowded village during the summer, as the tourists are attracted by the low prices at accommodation comparing to the ones practiced in other resorts. The accommodation can be made in villas, guest houses, tents on the beach or in the yards of the locals.
The beach from 2 Mai is bordered by the jetty of the Port of Mangalia and an unmanaged portion of beach that communicates with the one from Vama Veche. It is a beach that it is mostly unmanaged.



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