Eforie Nord

About Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord resort is the second size seacoast resort from Romania. It is a spa resort, known both at home and in Europe, has seen in recent years an expansion in terms of accommodation units and food units.
Eforie Nord resort is situated on the coastal strip located between Lake Techirghiol and the Black Sea, bordering to the north with Agigea village and to the south with Eforie Sud Resort. It is located only 15 km from Constanta. Its closeness to the sea and Lake Techirghiol places it among the top spas with permanent regime in our country. Eforie Nord resort holds at the moment the most modern physiotherapy centers in the country – the Efosan sanatorium and the spa treatment center of Hotel Europa – Ana Aslan Health SPA.
In 1899, through the foundation of Hotel Movila, near the sea and Movila Baths, on the shore of Lake Techirghiol originated the first spa resort called Movila-Techirghiol. Anyhow, the expansion of this resort started around 1920, when several villas belonging to personalities of that time are built. Over time, the resort was also called Carmen Silva, Vasile Roaita or Eforie.
The beach from Eforie Nord has a length of 3-4 km and a width of 20-100 meters. The north part of the beach is narrow and is guarded by a high cliff which is a well-known place for promenade. Here the access to the beach is made through stairs. In the south, the beach is wider and has direct access. All over the beach, the entrance into the water is smooth. The sand has a bigger graininess than in Mamaia and Constanta. In some places the beach is decorated with lounge chairs and umbrellas.



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